Jumper by Steven Gould

Jumper - Steven Gould

Just finished this one up yesterday, needless to say I liked it.  I wasn't "wowed" by it, but it was good.  It had more depth then most YA novels, with a few parts that were actually quite sad.  One thing though...it had almost nothing to do with the movie!  Not that I'm complaining, I liked the movie, and I liked the book(probably more), it's just I thought there would be more similarities.


The book is written in a first person POV about a teenager named Davy Rice.  He is the product of a drunken and abusive father, and because his father also abused his mother, she ran away from him and left Davy also.  One day Davy is is about to get beat by his father and before he knows it he's jumped himself to the public library.  After that he runs away from home and starts to learn more about his jumping ability.  Soon he finds himself in need of money so he decides to rob a bank, and of course with his ability there's no way for the law to catch him.  He counts the money later and finds out that he has stolen just of a million dollars, so he's set for life.


One thing I wanted to point out, that I mentioned earlier is the fact that that the book was almost nothing like the movie.  Aside from the names of the main characters, and the fact that he can jump from place to place, they are nothing alike.  In the book he meets Millie in a movie theater, their not classmates like in the movie.  Also the whole jumper vs paladin thing the movie had going on doesn't exist, at least not in this book, not sure about the sequel.


I kind of liked the fact that the book is so different from the movie.  Many times I've watched the movie before I knew it was based on a book and it has sort of ruined the book because, even though the book holds 4 times the story the movie does, I still know the ending.  Not so with this one, they are completely different stories, so if you've already watched the movie and are hesitant to read the book don't be.