Death Whispers

Death Whispers - Tamara Rose Blodgett

I had a few reservations about this one, but it ended up being a pretty good book.  Written in a first person format of a young boy named Caleb Hart.  The book starts out with Caleb finding out that he has an "Affinity of The Dead" when he starts hearing the thoughts of the frogs that they're dissecting in biology class.


I'll give you a little back history here, the book is set in the future(year 2025), and scientists have mapped the human genome.  In doing so they found out that most humans are capable of having special "abilities" (empathic, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, that sort of thing).  One such ability is Affinity of the Dead, AFTD for short.  This power allows the person to interact with the dead, such as sense where bodies are buried, or feel what a person felt before they died, some can even raise corpses from the grave.  AFTD is a very rare ability and we eventually find out that Caleb has the potential to be really powerful.  Because powerful AFTD's are so rare the government have a keen interest in them, and now Caleb has to use his powers to protect his friends as well as himself.   


All in all it was a pretty fun read, plenty of exciting scenes with good character dialog.  The characters are well written, and the world building isn't bad.  I did notice that the story arch seemed a little weak, I didn't really feel a build up before the finale, it just sort of happened at the end of the book after watching Caleb deal with one problem after another that goes along with having AFTD.