9 Foot Great White Shark Eaten Whole!





Yesterday I came across an article in Google news, that said: "9 foot long Great White Shark Eaten Alive", and of course I read it.


Apparently marine biologists had tagged a female great white shark with a data/tracking probe.  A couple days ago the tag washed up on the beach, the information that was retrieved from it was astounding.  The tag showed that it had been dragged from relatively shallow water down to 1900ft.  Now for the interesting part, the shark's body temperature slowly decreased as it went deeper, but once it reached 1900 feet the sharks's body temperature jumped from 46 degrees to 78 degrees.  So what could have caused the spike in body temperature?  The marine biologist's seem to believe that the shark was eaten....whole.


Killer whales have been known to kill and eat great white sharks, although never whole.  And because the tag was reading the shark's body temperature all the way down to 1900 feet we know the shark was alive when it reached that depth.  It is possible that a killer whale killed the shark at 1900 feet, but the deepest recorded dive for a killer whale is 800 feet, which means if it was a killer whale they just smashed the old deep dive record.


So begs the question, what killed this great white?  Is it just a killer whale and we really have no idea what their capabilities are?  Or is there some other giant sea creature out there that has yet to be discovered?  Remember, live giant squid measuring 16 feet in length were just discovered ten years ago by Japanese researchers.  It's also said that we know more, and have explored more of the moon then that of the ocean floor, so we really have no idea what kinda of creatures could possibly be down there.

Source: http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2014/06/nine-foot-great-white-shark-eaten-by-unknown-sea-creature