Rise of the Elgen and Battle of the Ampere by Richard Paul Evans

Rise of the Elgen - Richard Paul Evans Battle of the Ampere - Richard Paul Evans

I'm gonna lump both of these reviews together, because the story continues from book 2 to book 3, and frankly I don't feel like writing two separate reviews.


Book 2


Rise of the Elgen starts out with Michael and his friends driving back to Idaho from the Elgen academy in California. When they get home they find that their families are either gone or under surveillance by the Elgen. So they crash at a friend's house while they're going through information they found at the Elgen academy. Within this information they out that Michael's mother is being held at a facility in Peru. With the assistance of a mysterious organization, Michael and his friends fly to Peru to rescue his mother and, if possible, shutdown the Elgen facility.



***Spoilers for book 2 below***


Book 3




Book 3 starts out with Michael separated from his friends after escaping the Elgen power plant. Michael is assisted by a local tribe, and while he's with them he meets another electric child named, Tesa. With Tesa in tow, Michael strikes out to find his friends, who have been captured by the Peruvian military. Eventually Michael get his friends out and the Voice manages to get them to a safe house. However the Voice is not done with Michael and his friends, he wants them to sink the flag ship of the Elgen armada.

Overall both books were enjoyable reads, however neither did anything new. I mean really, Michael and his friends can get captured/saved only so many times before it starts to get a little old. The characters are well written with pretty good depth considering the repetitive story line.

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