Overkill by Robert Buettner

Overkill - Robert Buettner

This was a very fun read, lots of tongue and cheek humor, lots of good action scenes with a little dash of romance thrown in to make the story complete.  The world building wasn't the greatest but it was good enough not to detract from the story.  The characters are what drives this book.  Throughout the book the main character has flash backs that does a good job of explaining his back story and why he makes the decisions he does later in the book.  As well as, later on, switching between Jazen's POV and the Alien's perspective, which gives you a good feel of how things look through his eye's


This book starts out following Jazen Parker almost exclusively in a first person format, he has been discharged from the army under some what suspicious circumstances.  Now he has been hired by a millionaire big-wig, who wants to hunt one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe, which can only be found on an obscure, out of the way planet.  


What starts out as a big game hunt adventure quickly changes into a race to try and save an alien race, which are thought to be nothing more then sub-intelligent beasts, but are actually much smarter then the humans could ever imagine.