Chance in Hell by Patrick Kampman

Chance in Hell - Patrick Kampman

A fun, enjoyable read, while I didn't like it as much it, was very similar to John Conroe's "God Touched".  The story follows Chance, young man from Texas who hunts vampires, and is now in California on the run after his team was ambushed, leaving him the only one alive.  


While in Cali he decides to try to complete the last job his team was contracted to do, he's set to meet his contact who's supposed to give him an artifact, which he is tasked to destroy.  Of course nothing goes to plan, his contact ends up dead and he again finds himself in trouble.  While in a tight spot he is saved by a sexy vampire and her witch best friend.  After spending some with vampire and witch he realizes that everything isn't as cut and dry as he once thought, not every vampire is evil, and he starts to rethink some of his ideals.


During his adventure Chance also runs into a biker gang of werewolves, and catches the eye of the alpha female.  So now he has two very hot, very dangerous women vying for his affection, all while he's trying to stay alive and figure out a way to destroy this artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.  


Overall it was a light, enjoyable read with good writing, and well fleshed out characters.  My only real problem is the whole romantic love triangle thing they got going on.  For instance, these two gorgeous women are just instantly attracted to him with no explanation as to why, and because of that I'm having trouble believing the romance portion of the book. Another thing I didn't care for, pertaining to the romance story line, was the way the author wrote his little love triangle.  It seemed to me that there was a clear cut favorite out of the two women, but there really was no resolution with him choosing one over the other, and the book ends with both women thinking he likes her the most.  I did however enjoy watching Chance go from a "kill'em all and let god sort'em out" kind of attitude toward vampires and werewolves, to actually becoming friends and trusting them.  The author did a good job with the character growth of Chance in that aspect.