Like many of you, I have been using the somewhat painful method of scrolling down my dashboard blog page in order to find and edit my reviews. After playing around a bit trying to find an alternate and simple method, I found a solution that seems to work well. In order to find a specific review, do the following:


1. Go to your dashboard blog page.


2. On the menu bar located on the upper right hand corner of your screen, where you'll find the tabs "File", "Edit", "View", etc., choose "Edit".


3. Scroll down and select "Find on this page".


4. A little dialogue box will appear. Type in one or more key words, such as the title of the book.


5. Done! The search will take you directly to the review you are searching for.


Quick note that sometimes you have to scroll down the page a little bit before using the search/find box so that the page has a chance to load all items to the dashboard. Also, if the search result isn't what you were looking for, click "next", located directly on the right hand side of the dialogue box or type in a new key word. If that still doesn't work, check the "Options" box located by the "Next" button and make sure only "Match whole word only" is selected.


Good luck!