The Pearl Wars (Skyship Academy)

The Pearl Wars  - Nick  James This is your garden variety Young Adult coming of age story. The main protagonist is an adolescent 15 year old, living on a sky ship going to an academy that is secretly training agents, in a post apocalyptic future where pearls fall from the sky. The energy that is taken from these pearls powers everything from buildings to flying ships.

There are two main factions: the Sky shippers, people who live on the huge sky ships and aren't allowed on the surface.

The other faction are the people that are rich enough to live in a chosen city where everything is climate controlled.

The book is written from 2 points of view, one is the main character the other is like a sub-main character. One lives on a sky ship the other lives in a chosen city. They are on opposite sides of two factions who are in a kind of cold war that is one spark from exploding into a full blown war over pearls. Without giving anything away the two boys discover things about themselves that they never expected.

My thoughts:

I'm not a fan where books jump around allot from one character to another, and in the beginning this book did allot of that. It seemed that I would just start getting into the one story and then it would switch. Also when books jump around like that I find myself not caring as much about the secondary story and I end up skimming to get back to the main character's story line.

In general the story was a a little run of the mill, I found myself thinking been there done that. But then again if it ain't broke don't fix it. I did like the the twists at the end (no spoilers sorry), although the ending kind of leaves you hanging. Its almost like its not an ending it just ends. So i would recommend to anyone who's thinking about reading this book to be prepared to read the second book too.

Because I went through this book so quickly I am going to read the second one in the series hopefully it puts a little closure to the first one.