Ashfall - Mike Mullin

Finishing this book was almost like saying good bye to an old friend. At least that old will be coming back soon, the sequel is due out in October. This was a really good coming of age story.

It follows the story of a boy named Alex who is literally caught in the middle of an Apocalypse while his family is out of town. So he decides to travel across state lines to get to where his family is. While he is walking he incurs hardships such as hunger and dehydration, as well as people trying to kill him for the meager supplies he does have. During one such occasion he is wounded and bleeding and finds a farm where he meets Darla. Now Darla is your average teenage girl, even before the ashfall she had been dealing with hardships of running a farm with only her mother to help. She is a very resourceful girl. She is probably my favorite character in the book, I don't know maybe its me but she was a stronger character then Alex.

One thing I liked about this book is that in the beginning Alex is portrayed as a whiny little brat always arguing with his mother, and by the end of the book he has grown up. He knows what it is like to love someone more then himself, he also knows when to hold his tongue instead of arguing about something he cant change, he just works hard to change it himself.