Sixty One Nails by Mike Shevdon

Sixty-One Nails (Courts of the Feyre (Numbered)) - Mike Shevdon

I really enjoyed this book. Great characters that really develop well as the story progresses. I really like Blackbird and the way in the beginning of the book she was cold and distant, and not letting on anything personal. By the end of the book we see how much she changed. Because it is written from a 1st person we cant really tell if she changed herself or she just started to let our protagonist in past her defenses.
This book follows the Fey-re and most of the same ideas, laws and rules that other fey-re stories in-tale. That being said doesn't me it is a bad story, the ideas of the Fey are good ones and i don't see anything wrong with using what works.
This book has plenty of adventure and suspense. As well as great dialogue, all in all a great read.