Hollow World

Hollow World - Michael J. Sullivan

I got in on a KickStarter Campaign that the author started in order to get this book. Here are a couple quick thoughts.


It's defiantly different from anything I've ever read before, tackled some pretty tough moral issues. I liked the way these issues were handled, and the idea of being in a relationship with someone for who they are on the "inside" rather then what they look like, or whether man or woman.

I also noticed something else, no matter how hard they tried to create people who looked alike, they could never take away the individualism of their personalities. For example, Pax had a more delicate personality, whereas the Geomancers had more of a gruff, coal miner personality, even though they looked and sounded exactly alike. As was said in the book, we as humans are as different as snowflakes, even if it's only in our personalities.