His Majesty's Dragon - Naomi Novik I really enjoyed this book. It does a good job showing how and why people look at being an aviator as a bad thing, and in doing so it shows how ignorant they are to think such a thing. The aspect of the book that I really found fascinating is the amount of historical truth is used. For instance the name of the British admiral that was chasing the french fleet during 1805 really was Nelson and the battle at Traflagar really happened. Also Temeraire was the name of a real British second rate ship that fought in that battle. For a fantasy novel there was a lot of fact incorporated which made it all that much better. One more point I would like to make as well, I really liked how the dragons were almost like ships themselves in the way that they had a crew and captain, and the had formations to fly in. It wasn't just dragons biting and clawing each other like you see more time then not in dragon fantasy novels. It made for a fresh and interesting read, with plenty of adventure and conflicts to keep you turning the pages late into the night. I know It me.