Island of Doom: Hunchback Assignments 4 - Arthur Slade I enjoyed this series a lot, there was lots of fun action scenes. It loosely follows the Hunchback of Notre Dame story. I would recommend this to anyone who likes YA-adventure books.

When I was reading the synopsis for the fourth book they made it sound as though it was the final book of the series. So I'm thinking, great Octavia will finally realize she is in love with Modo despite his face and Mr. Socrates will finally admit that he sees Modo as the son he never had. Neither happened, Modo quite the Association and Mr. Socrates gets mad at him and says he is betraying him, and that's how it ends between them!?!?

Then Octavia find him after he leave's and tells him she wants to go with him and that she can't see herself not being around him, which I guess is somthing. But there wasn't anything else, no heart felt conversation, not even a kiss.

So this leads me to believe that there will/could be more books, there is definitely enough material to work from. ..

All in all it was a well written YA-adventure book with a Steampunk setting. If a 5th book comes out I will definitely read it.