Gone (Gone, #1) - Michael  Grant I was in a terrible book slump, this book was good but not great.

I really liked how the author takes us from a normal day in school and then poof all the adults over the age of 15 are gone. Then everything spirals out of control, some kids are gaining strange powers, while others are not. The author does a very good job of setting the scene and fleshing out the characters.

One thing I didn't like was the ending, I don't want to ruin it for people so I'm gonna stay vague. There isn't any real feeling of conclusion, none of the bad guys die. There was a big show down of course but they both walked away, and the author spent the entire book building up this one antagonist as being psychotic. He was supposed to be a real "bad ass", actually went and tried to kill people. And in the end it was like "ehh lets just forget about him and let him live". I dont know maybe its me but it was sort of anti-climatic.