War of the Witch (Legacies of Talimura, #1) - Angel Haze

**2.5 Stars**

I was on the fence between 2 and 3 stars, 2 seemed too harsh because I was able to get through it. But it wouldn't really inspire me to read anymore if the series continued. The plot was good, fairly original idea. And I liked the idea of having a witch be the antagonist, leading a hoard of Orcs and undead soldiers.

My Problems with this book are two fold, there was absolutely no world building, and the characters, while they had potential, were not fleshed out as well as what I would have liked to see. I felt that there were a lot of missed opportunities for the author to develop the characters better.

The world building was even worse, I don't even think the name of the world that this book took place in was even mentioned. There was very little description of the few cities that were visited. And some situations just felt contrived and forced.