The Last Praetorian by Mike Smith

The Last Praetorian (The Redemption Trilogy, #1) - Mike   Smith

This book actually has 2 story lines going on 1 at present time and the other 5 years in the past. Both story lines follow Jon Radec.

The first story is of Jon Radec the commander of the elite praetorian guard who's sole job is to protect the Emperor and his beautiful daughter. While he is escorting the Princess to a different sol system so that she can have some semblance of a normal life, there is a coup aboard the Emperor's ship and the Emperor is killed along with all the praetorian guard,and only Jon and Princess Sofia survive.

The second story is of Jon Radec CEO of Vanguard shipping station. In the future Jon is a broken man spending all his time working or shut up in his office alone. Until one day while taking his shuttle to meet a client he is attacked by and assassin sent by "the syndicate". During the fight Jon is able to capture the assassin who turns out to be the beautiful Miranda who comes from a checkered past. Miranda is instantly taken with Radec's charm and becomes bound and determined to fix the broken commander.

So my thoughts. The book on a whole was good, plenty of action and romance. While there was more romance then I was expecting and it was centered more around the relationships between the various different characters then defeating the enemy, there was still action to keep me coming back. In my opinion it was a very good debut novel to a promising trilogy, and I eagerly await the next book.

On a side note if you get the Kindle version of this be prepared for lots of grammatical errors, whoever did the transfer did a very poor job. But I don't fault the author for that.


If you don't like a cliff hanger ending then you had better wait till the summer when the second book comes out because there is one helluva cliff hanger to the end of this book.