Please Help Princess
Please Help Princess

    My name is Alan and and my wife is Ela, and we are the proud owners of Princess.  She is a sweet domestic short-haired cat.  She is just about a year old, we rescued her from a shelter that did it's best to take care of the cats, but they had become overrun.  Unfortunately Princess was born with narrow nasal passages, and it's hard for her to breath when she is active.  The shelter never noticed she had this condition so she has been living with this for the first year of her life.  We adopted her a few weeks ago and when we took her to the vet to have her checked out he brought this to our attention.  She also has conjunctivitis in her eye(as you can probably see in the picture) so the eye is constantly watering and crusty.  

My wife is from Peru and we are in the middle of getting her citizenship, but in the mean time she is unable to work by law.  So we are living on my 28k a year pay, and we are making due, it's been tight but we are making it work.  We have enough to feed Princess and normal doctor visits, but this problem with the nasel passages is a surgical fix and I don't know how we will come up with the money to help her.  The surgery costs between 1500 and 2000 dollars.  The conjuctivits medicine cost too, but I can handle that, I just want to get the surgery for Princess so she can run and play like she wants to without not being able to breath.  She's only a year old and she is still very much a kitten, and would love to be more active and play with her toy mice.  

Please if there's anything any of you can do to help it would mean the world to us and Princess.  Please help make Princess' life a little better.  Just click on the link below to start helping.

Thank you all in advance.

God Bless